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Rye Rangers Approved As A Tier 2 Organization by USA Hockey


Rye Rangers Approved As A Tier 2 Organization by USA Hockey



See below for our tryout information.


by posted 04/26/2021




Welcome to the Rye Rangers 2021-22 season tryouts.  We are looking forward to another fantastic season filled with fun, skill development and success in games!


Below you will find information that we hope is useful in explaining the tryout process and season team makeup for next year.  PLEASE plan on arriving at least 20 minutes before your first tryout to allow time for registration, payment of tryout fees, and assignment of tryout pinnie.  A table will be setup outside of WSA to collect everything and the player will then proceed into the rink.  No spectators are allowed into the rink for tryouts, while we maintain our Rye Ranger protocols.


Each player will be assigned a tryout pinnie that they are to wear for the entire tryout process.  Coaches at check-in will let you know whether to wear the blue side or white side of the tryout pinnie.


Squirt 2012 Birth Year

4/27/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 1:40 – 3:00 pm @ WSA USA


Squirt 2011 Birth Year

4/27/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 3:20 – 4:40 pm @ WSA USA


Pee Wee 2010 Birth Year

4/28/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 5:00 – 6:20 pm @ WSA USA


Pee Wee 2009 Birth Year

4/28/21, 7:30 - -8:50 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 6:40 – 8:00 pm @ WSA USA


GOALIES - Squirt 2011 & 2012 (in addition to above)

4/24/21, 4:10 – 5:30 pm @ WSA USA, Goalie Tune Up Clinic

4/30/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA Canada, Goalie Evaluations


GOALIES – Pee Wee 2009 & 2010 (in addition to above)

4/24/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA USA, Goalie Tune Up Clinic

4/30/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA Canada, Goalie Evaluations


Bantam 2007 & 2008 Birth Years - players to be informed of group.  (New players see below)

5/7/21, 7:20 – 8:20 pm @ WSA USA (Group "A" & new 2008 players)

5/7/21, 8:30 - 9:30 pm @ WSA USA (Group "B" & new 2007 players)

5/8/21, 7:10 - 8:30 pm @ WSA USA (Group "A", unless individually contacted and directed otherwise)

5/10/21, 6:50 – 8:10 pm @ WSA Canada (Group "B", unless individually contact and directed otherwise)

5/15/21, 9:00 - 10:00pm @ WSA USA (if necessary)


Midget U-16 2005 & 2006 Birth Years

5/8/21, 5:30 – 6:50 pm @ WSA USA

5/10/21, 8:30 – 9:50 pm @ WSA Canada


Midget U-18 2003 & 2004 Birth Years

5/14/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA USA

5/15/21, 9:00 - 10:00 pm @ WSA USA (if necessary)


Bantam Goalies (in addition to above) - Midget goalies to attend player tryouts only

5/5/21, 5:50 – 6:50 pm @ WSA, Goalie Evaluations


The tryout fee is $100 per player and can be paid in cash or check made out to Rye Rangers Hockey Club.  Any player new to the Rye Rangers must submit a NYSAHA Release form from their previous organization prior to participating in any tryout.


Evaluators will be in the stands.  Erik Nates’ group will be running the tryouts on the ice.  Please respect their privacy and do not approach with questions regarding the performance of your child. 


This selection process is difficult and a meeting is held with all coaches and evaluators to discuss player team assignments to ensure fairness, equity and agreement between the selection committee.


Players will be notified via email of their team placement shortly after the conclusion of the final tryout.  A letter of commitment will be attached to the email and must be signed and mailed to Rye Rangers PO Box 85, Rye NY 10580, with a $1,000 deposit within 3 days of notification.  Failure to do so will result in the spot on the team being made available to other players.


As a reminder, all 2020-21 and prior membership dues must be paid in full for participation in tryouts and consideration for a spot on a team for next year.


We plan on fielding the following teams for the 2021-22 season: 


Mite A

Mite Minor

Mite ADM

Jr Clinic

Squirt 2011 AA – LIAHL *

Squirt 2011 A – HVHL A

Squirt 2012 AA – HVHL A and/or LIAHL *

Squirt 2012 A – HVHL A1 or B

Squirt B – HVHL A1 or B

Squirt B-1 (divided in fall to White and Blue teams) – HVHL B1 and/or WestConn

Pee Wee 2009 AA – LIAHL *

Pee Wee 2009 A – HVHL A

Pee Wee 2010 AA – HVHL A and/or LIAHL *

Pee Wee 2010 A – HVHL A1 or B

Pee Wee B – HVHL B and/or WestConn (may be divided into 2 teams depending on numbers)

Bantam AA – LIAHL *

Bantam A – HVHL A

Bantam A-1 – HVHL A1

Midget U-16 AA – LIAHL *

Midget U-16 A – HVHL A and/or LIAHL *

Midget U-18 AA – LIAHL * (dependent on participation commitments)


  * We anticipate acceptance into Tier II LIAHL for the 2021-22 season, to be confirmed in April, 2021.


We anticipate that the travel teams will participate in the Long Island Amateur Hockey League (LIAHL), Hudson Valley Hockey League (HVHL) and WestConn Hockey League.  The Pee Wee 09-AA, Bantam-AA, Midget U16-AA & Midget U18-AA teams will be state and notional tournament bound eligible at the Tier II level.


Information regarding Mites will be forthcoming at a later date.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon or Steven Ketchabaw us at 914-937-9331 or via email at should you have any questions.


by posted 04/21/2021
Rye Rangers Good Skate Award

On December 15, 2001, the Rye Rangers staged a memorial hockey game and fundraiser for the families of the three members of the club who died in the tragedy at the World Trade Center.  These individuals are Tommy Palazzo, Teddy Maloney, and Ward Haynes. The day was a huge success.

At the Rye Rangers Memorial Cup, we dedicated an award called the “Good Skate Award.”  What struck each of us as we remembered our friends was how genuinely good they were, how helpful they were to their friends, how loving they were with their families, and, generally, how much fun they were to be around.  In rink jargon, each one was what you might call a “good skate.”  A black granite trophy with an imbedded silver skate was created by one of our members, Gerry Baum, to remind us of this goodness and to inspire us to be better individuals.

The inscription on the Good Skate Award states that it is to be: “Presented annually to the member of the Rye Rangers Hockey Club voted by his/her peers as best epitomizing the human goodness of these special individuals.  It shall be forever known as the “Good Skate Award.”  Its enduring legacy is to serve as a reminder that we are all better human beings for having shared our lives, both on and off the ice, with these guys.”  

The past deserving recipients have been:

2002    Rocky Shepard

2003    Kevin Burke

2004    Bart Lawrence

2005    Frank Effinger

2006    Diane Holmes

2007    Jerry Baum

2008    Jay Altmeyer

2009    Marty Clague

2009    Bob Tucker

2010    Thom O'Grady

2011    Rich Guthrie

2012    Steve & Sharon Ketchabaw

2013    Eric Budke

2014    Peter S Duncan

2015    Mark Finnegan

2016    Bill Steers

2017    Rob Dorfman

2018    Sam Weinman

2019 Terry Morris

2020 Drew Shea




by posted 04/20/2021