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Welcome to the Rye Rangers 2021-22 season tryouts.  We are looking forward to another fantastic season filled with fun, skill development and success in games!


Below you will find information that we hope is useful in explaining the tryout process and season team makeup for next year.  PLEASE plan on arriving at least 20 minutes before your first tryout to allow time for registration, payment of tryout fees, and assignment of tryout pinnie.  A table will be setup outside of WSA to collect everything and the player will then proceed into the rink.  No spectators are allowed into the rink for tryouts, while we maintain our Rye Ranger protocols.


Each player will be assigned a tryout pinnie that they are to wear for the entire tryout process.  Coaches at check-in will let you know whether to wear the blue side or white side of the tryout pinnie.


Squirt 2012 Birth Year

4/27/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 1:40 – 3:00 pm @ WSA USA


Squirt 2011 Birth Year

4/27/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 3:20 – 4:40 pm @ WSA USA


Pee Wee 2010 Birth Year

4/28/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 5:00 – 6:20 pm @ WSA USA


Pee Wee 2009 Birth Year

4/28/21, 7:30 - -8:50 pm @ WSA Canada

5/1/21, 6:40 – 8:00 pm @ WSA USA


GOALIES - Squirt 2011 & 2012 (in addition to above)

4/24/21, 4:10 – 5:30 pm @ WSA USA, Goalie Tune Up Clinic

4/30/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA Canada, Goalie Evaluations


GOALIES – Pee Wee 2009 & 2010 (in addition to above)

4/24/21, 5:50 – 7:10 pm @ WSA USA, Goalie Tune Up Clinic

4/30/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA Canada, Goalie Evaluations


Bantam 2007 & 2008 Birth Years

5/7/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA USA

5/10/21, 6:50 – 8:10 pm @ WSA Canada


Midget U-16 2005 & 2006 Birth Years

5/8/21, 5:30 – 6:50 pm @ WSA USA

5/10/21, 8:30 – 9:50 pm @ WSA Canada


Midget U-18 2003 & 2004 Birth Years

5/8/21, 7:10 – 8:30 pm @ WSA USA

5/14/21, 7:30 – 8:50 pm @ WSA USA


Bantam & Midget Goalies (in addition to above)

5/5/21, 5:50 – 6:50 pm @ WSA, Goalie Evaluations


The tryout fee is $100 per player and can be paid in cash or check made out to Rye Rangers Hockey Club.  Any player new to the Rye Rangers must submit a NYSAHA Release form from their previous organization prior to participating in any tryout.


Evaluators will be in the stands.  Erik Nates’ group will be running the tryouts on the ice.  Please respect their privacy and do not approach with questions regarding the performance of your child. 


This selection process is difficult and a meeting is held with all coaches and evaluators to discuss player team assignments to ensure fairness, equity and agreement between the selection committee.


Players will be notified via email of their team placement shortly after the conclusion of the final tryout.  A letter of commitment will be attached to the email and must be signed and mailed to Rye Rangers PO Box 85, Rye NY 10580, with a $1,000 deposit within 3 days of notification.  Failure to do so will result in the spot on the team being made available to other players.


As a reminder, all 2020-21 and prior membership dues must be paid in full for participation in tryouts and consideration for a spot on a team for next year.


We plan on fielding the following teams for the 2021-22 season: 


Mite A

Mite Minor

Mite ADM

Jr Clinic

Squirt 2011 AA – LIAHL *

Squirt 2011 A – HVHL A

Squirt 2012 AA – HVHL A and/or LIAHL *

Squirt 2012 A – HVHL A1 or B

Squirt B – HVHL A1 or B

Squirt B-1 (divided in fall to White and Blue teams) – HVHL B1 and/or WestConn

Pee Wee 2009 AA – LIAHL *

Pee Wee 2009 A – HVHL A

Pee Wee 2010 AA – HVHL A and/or LIAHL *

Pee Wee 2010 A – HVHL A1 or B

Pee Wee B – HVHL B and/or WestConn (may be divided into 2 teams depending on numbers)

Bantam AA – LIAHL *

Bantam A – HVHL A

Bantam A-1 – HVHL A1

Midget U-16 AA – LIAHL *

Midget U-16 A – HVHL A and/or LIAHL *

Midget U-18 AA – LIAHL * (dependent on participation commitments)


  * We anticipate acceptance into Tier II LIAHL for the 2021-22 season, to be confirmed in April, 2021.


We anticipate that the travel teams will participate in the Long Island Amateur Hockey League (LIAHL), Hudson Valley Hockey League (HVHL) and WestConn Hockey League.  The Pee Wee 09-AA, Bantam-AA, Midget U16-AA & Midget U18-AA teams will be state and notional tournament bound eligible at the Tier II level.


Information regarding Mites will be forthcoming at a later date.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon or Steven Ketchabaw us at 914-937-9331 or via email at should you have any questions.


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Rye Rangers Goalies: What We Offer



In recent years, the Rye Rangers have emerged as a premium destination for goaltenders. Through an expanding partnership with Pro Crease,the largest instructional hockey organization dedicated solely to goaltending in the Connecticut, New York & New Jersey, our goalies get a playing and coaching experience tailored to the specialized nature of the position.


In 2020-21, we will be improving and expanding upon that experience by adding or enhancing the following features:


Personal Goalie Coach:  Our goalies have mostly benefited from working with the same goalie coach at each of their “goalie specific” weekday practices.  In 2020-21, the Rye Rangers will increase the focus on this to create a tighter 1:1 bond with their goalie coach than in the past. The goalie coaches will be available to discuss with their goalies not only their skill development, but also their game experiences, including select video analysis.


Webinars:  Throughout the season, Pro Crease offers "live" webinars on relevant goaltending topics.  Some of the webinars will be exclusively for Rye Rangers goalies, and the Rye Rangers goalies will have access to these and other live webinars for real-time interaction, and the webinars will be available for download to watch at your goalie’s convenience.


Pre-Season Goalie Tune-Up Clinics:  Early Season “Goalie-Only” weekend ice sessions will continue to be offered in September-October to ensure our goalies are in top form early in the season


Ice allocation for weekly goalie sessions: As in past years, our teams allocate enough ice for our goalies to benefit from a wide range of goalie-specific training drills, generally with a Goalie:Coach ratio of 2:1






Team Placement and What Our Goalies Can Expect From a Training and Game Standpoint


Rye Rangers Teams span from “AA” competition to our internal Rye Rangers League.  This spectrum of opportunity ensures goalies will be placed in both a challenging and fun environment that suits their specific experience and level of commitment.


--AA Teams to compete in the Hudson Valley Hockey League as well as a very challenging regional AA non-League game schedule.

--A/A1/B Teams to compete in the Hudson Valley Hockey League along with a full complement of non-League travel hockey schedule and/or Rye Rangers League action.

-- More “local” teams that compete in the highly successful WestConn League complemented by games in the Rye Rangers League.

-- Regardless of their team, each goalie participates in a weekly Team practice PLUS a specific goalie skills practice every week from November into March as described above.

-- In addition, Rye Rangers Teams participate in various tournament play, ensuring a high number of games each season for our goalies


More information on Pro Crease


Pro Crease is led by founder Jared Waimon,who is also Assistant Coach at Quinnipiac University, Regional Mentor for the USA Hockey/Warren Strelow National Goaltending Program, USA Hockey Goaltending Coach/Evaluator; New England and Atlantic Districts and goaltending instructor/consultant for several nationally ranked elite travel teams and prep schools including the Mid Fairfield Youth Hockey Association, Avon Old Farms, Salisbury School, Taft School and Westminster



For more information on our program for goalies, contact

(Photos by Aileen D. Brown)

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